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On behalf of everyone here at Rosenberg & Associates, LLC, our thoughts and prayers go out to all those impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic. We are closely monitoring the situation during this time of great uncertainty and taking every measure possible to ensure the health and safety of our employees, clients and communities. 

To our valued clients, we want to assure you that our business continuity plan is setup and in place to ensure smooth operations during natural disasters and in this case, pandemics.  Our services to you will not skip a beat, regardless of the rapidly changing circumstances. Whether we are in the office or working remotely, our day to day operations will not be affected.

This means business continuity and peace of mind for our employees and yours, your business operations and for investors.  Although this will be a difficult time for most people and businesses across the country, we are confident that if everyone does their part to stop the spread of COVID-19, we’ll emerge out of this stronger and more unified than ever. 

March 16, 2020 Memo Re: Court Updates in Response to Covid-19

As we continue to see and feel the impacts of the Coronavirus, we want to provide you with current court updates in our jurisdictions.

As of March 16, 2020,
District of Columbia – rescheduling all hearings until after May 1. All Eviction hearings and lockouts are stayed until May. The court will still accept the electronic case filings. Please refer to attached 2020 03 16 DC Order. 2020 03 16 DC Order
Maryland – All courts are closed to the public. All hearings will be rescheduled by the court. Paper and electronic filings are still allowed to be filed at this time. Please refer to attached 2020 03 13 MD Statewide Closing of Courts. 2020 03 13 MD Statewide Closing of Courts
Virginia – Chesterfield, Goochland, Henrico, Hanover and Richmond courts are closed today March 16. for cleaning and planning. Please refer to attached 2020 03 16 Virginia Courts and Covid-19. 2020 03 16 Virginia Courts and Covid-19

Should you have further questions regarding information contained in this memo, please feel free to contact our office at 301 907-8000.

March 13, 2020 Memo Re: Covid-19

As we continue to see and feel the impacts of the Coronavirus on the world, as well the impacts to our area and industry, our firm wanted to provide you with our current office plan moving forward.
Each day is bringing different changes and everything is very fluid at this time. We are seeing court closures, school closures and the like. Our offices are currently open and operating in all 3 locations (Bethesda, MD, Vienna, VA and Chesapeake, VA). Our plan, should it become necessary and office closures are required, is to allow our staff the ability to work from home. Presently all Managers, Team Leads, Attorneys and Executive team members have this capability. We are extending this to our processing teams in order to be able to continue to provide uninterrupted service to our clients, should it become necessary.
As of today we have learned that courts in Prince George’s County, MD have closed the doors to the public through April 6; they have also stayed all Eviction orders until further notice. Frederick County, MD has stayed all Eviction for at least 15 days; this is subject to a reevaluation after that 15 day period. We are still trying to determine the impact this may have on scheduled foreclosures sales. As we learn of new information we will share those details.
We value the partnership we have with each of you and appreciate the cooperation during what is, most definitely, some uncharted waters.

As we prepare for our coronavirus disaster/emergency plan, one area that has come up in our discussions is our ability to process manual checks from clients when/IF we are in a work from home environment. If payments for invoices continue in hard paper form, we may not be able to process timely. With that, we would like to request ACH payments while this pandemic is in high alert. This will insure that we can process payments remotely and continue to work your matters timely. Many of our courts allow e-filing so we could work seamlessly.

The DC area has already closed a few federal buildings and discussions are high to close many more quickly. If we are unable to enter our building, we cannot obtain our mail, and therefore, can’t get to payments. In an effort to move your files timely, we would like to schedule a call to transition payments in the short term. Please contact Diane Rosenberg at x1111, JR Smarrelli, AP Manager, x1122 or Cristy Larkin, Operations Manager, x2211 to schedule this call. Our office phone number is 301 907-8000.

Current Updates Received by the Firm March 13, 2020: Click here: 2020 03 13 Court Updates re Covid-19. Rosenberg&Associates

Should you have questions, please feel free to contact our office at 301 907-8000.

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